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Berikut temubual pihak Free Malaysia Today dengan penyanyi Prema Yin. Lepas tu korang tengok kenapa Si Nurul Izzah ni teruja bila dapat jumpa dia.
You have been a recipient of VIMA awards in the past. How has the recognition helped you grow over the years?

Winning the VIMA and AVIMA awards was definitely a huge thing for me. This opened doors to more high profile exposure and ultimately signing the deal with the US Management.

They have been marketing the fact that Prema Yin is a VIMA/AVIMA Award winner in the US and used this as way to get the deals that we got over there including getting “Eyo Eyo” on to the Soundtrack of “A Novel Romance” which in return for me got the Nomination for “Best Pop Song in a Movie” for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards which I attended last year 17th at the prestigious Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, LA.

Have you done any international gigs or tours in the past 12 months? How was the response?

In May 2010 I played a few shows in New York and Philadelphia. Once I was back, we played Baybeats in Singapore last year August before we hit the road for our tour of Japan in September 2010 with dates in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka and Nara.

We came back for a brief time to KL before we left again to Germany were I performed at a few small functions.In June 2011 I went for the first time to LA and performed in the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood for a selected audience before I went to Quebec to perform there first in small settings and later with full band.

I made a lot of friends there during this time and they invited me to come back to play a tour through Canada in December performing my originals.I went to LA again in November 2011 to perform at various venues in California and attended the HMMA Awards as well.

After that stint in California I am scheduled to go to New York again to play a few shows as well. We are currently working with my management to finalize the schedule of shows in LA & NYC.

During my time in the US I worked on the production of my new songs with Producers and Co-Writers over there such as Scott Krippayne, Ra Domini, The Highschoolers and Dan Hoal just to name a few.

They have been working with people such as Jordin Sparks, Haley Williams of Paramore, Nancy Sinatra, Rancid and many MTV productions before. I am very excited about this and I can’t wait to finish the songs and get them out soon!
Nah! Layan video musik yang mencetuskan kontroversi berkaitan dengan Prema tak berapa lama dulu. Sebab tu la Si Nurul Izzah ni teruja bila jumpa dengan dia. Hehehe...

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